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Ginseng Extract: Uses, Health Benefits and Side-Effects

What is GINSENG?

Ginseng is a medicinal root that is found in cooler parts of Asia and North America. It is a root of plants that belongs to the family of Panax genus. This is a light-colored fleshy root that provide variety of health benefits and revive overall wellbeing. Hence, to support health it is available in dried powder, tea bag, capsules, tablets or in energy drink form.

Ginseng herb consist of compound named Ginsenosides that is responsible for its exclusive working power and herbal properties. Numbers of health experts, professionals recommend using this medicinal Panax root to all the men and women. It is easily accessible at health stores but it is strongly suggested to check the ingredients involved in its making and manufacturers details to avoid any harmful effects.


Explore all ultimate Benefits of Ginseng extract:

Ginseng Extract has endless number of health benefits like extension of memory power, tackle blood pressure, cholesterol level, aid in weight loss, protect hair, eye and skin. Among these this root is highly effective in protecting women skin from the aging and other skin harming factors. That is why it is also called as “adaptogenic herb”

Let’s see how its help boost delicate skin health:

Enhance collagen production:

Ginseng is really important for treating skin aging’s signs as it carry essential phytonutrients that stimulate the production of collagen (a vital skin protein), regulate the skin’s metabolism. It is also eradicate the free radicals that are cause by regular exposure to UV rays, pollution and usage of chemical based cosmetic products. By increasing collagen production in the skin dermal layer it provide firmness, softness to the skin and reduces wrinkles, fine lines. Along with that it is also used as skin brightener and whitener as it makes the complexion fair, balance natural skin tone by fighting photo-aging and pigmentation. Even, few study tells that this herbal root makes the skin elastic by filing skin layer with lasting moisture. It help tighten the lose, sagging skin balancing skin PH level and increasing hydration.

Avoids discoloration:

This root is perfect complexion booster that is comprises of antioxidants that help peel dead skin cells, tissues, amplify blood circulation for natural glow. Plus, by sipping ginseng tea skin will get healthy, glowing and radiant as it increase oxygenation, detoxify the blood and uplift immunity. Along with that, it is effective in curing inflammation, help recover scars, wounds and brown spots. It simply control excess oil production, avoid dryness and helps sensitive skin too.

Diminishes deeply set lines avoid appearance of dark circles under eye:

With the help of its spell bound properties it help vanishes premature aging wrinkles, fine lines, neck lines, under eye dark circles, puffiness and crow’s feet. It fight back dryness under eye area, fill the wrinkled lines with hydration and ultimately tighten the lose skin.

Some other advantages of GINSENG ROOT:

Maintain healthy sexual function:

It help tackle erectile dysfunction, strengthen libido, prevent early ejaculation and avoid infertility. Study says that men in andropause stage will get lot of positive outcome after using Ginseng root ideally as per the prescription

Manage women’s menopause issues:

Using this root in supplement form will increase the vaginal wetness, help in recovery from cramps, pains, depression, sleep in disorder, depression, impotence, and weight gain.

Maintain healthy mental/brain function:

It has power to control oxidative stress, and balance neural activity. It help stimulate the cognitive ability, activate the brain nerves for proper thinking, memory and learning power.

Manage immune system:

The anti-allergic properties of this herbal root has ability to build shield or strong immunity against health diseases, viruses, respiratory problems, turn down tumor cells

Compound ginsenosides in this root help improve insulin level to lower down blood sugar level, cholesterol level and prevent chronic heart issues (heart attack). Additionally, it help supply loads of energy, power to the body.

Support healthy lustrous hair:

Presence of compounds, carbohydrates pin this root corrects the decline of hair follicles, maximizes flow of blood to scalp to avoid baldness, hair fall and add volume to hair.

Any known side-effects?

  • It is a blessing for human health hence chance of getting any harmful effects is low. Still due to inappropriate dosage can leads to: restlessness, allergies, sudden change in heart rate, upset stomach.
  • Must remember:
  • It is not favorable for under 18, lactating mothers and pregnant women
  • Avoid overdose and take proper guidance from health experts

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