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Wild Yam: Uses, Health Benefits and Side-Effects

What is Wild Yam Extract?

Wild Yam is a natural herb that is also called as China Root, Colic Root and Mexican Wild Yam. It has been used since long in North America for treating various health issues. Usually, roots and dried rhizome of wild yam is used by experts to support health. All because root contain chemical, antioxidants, and minerals that promote the healthy hormone that give lasting benefits. It is supposed to maintain healthy sex life, immune power, glowing skin, digestive system.

Wild Yam

Explore all essential Benefits of Wild Yam:

Tackle Andropause issues in male’s:

Study says that it is useful in production of testosterone levels. Adequate t-level increase sexual desire, rise libido and sustain harder erections. Along with that it help promote sexual plus workout stamina, endurance and assist in maintaining muscles mass. Health experts claims that antioxidant properties of Wild Yam protect the body cells from free radicals that affect the prostate gland.

Manage Menopause issues in female’s:

It is very useful for women reproductive health. It has ability to give relief to uterus to avoid cramps, pain during menses. With the help of its natural properties it assists in formation of sex hormones, cure impotence, and tackle female libido.

Manage cardiovascular health:

It is reported to regulate good cholesterol level and supply oxygen to arteries and widen the heart chamber for blood circulation. It help open the blockage and tackle heart attack, strokes.

Increase hair growth:

Various minerals and Vitamins in this herb reserve the natural oil of the scalp and prevent greying of hair by increasing melanin. Extract of Vitamin A help in growth of hair cells to avoid lifeless, dry hair.

Avoid premature aging of skin:

Wild Yam contain antioxidants that refresh the skin by stimulating production of collagen. Collagen makes the skin smoother, elastic and prevent the occurrence of wrinkles, harm from sun rays. It carry bleaching properties plus provide cooling effect if applied as face pack with honey.

Boost metabolism and circulation of blood:

Wild Yam is effective for regulating metabolism to burn extra fat and management of body weight. Moreover, the mineral and copper present in natural herb will elevate the red blood cells production and regulate the blood sugar level of human body.

Maintain healthy brain:

Various health experts says that Wild Yam effective in curing Parkinson, Alzheimer’s disease. If consumed properly it increase cognitive ability, learning and thinking power. Plus, it tackles stress, anxiety, improve concentration and focus power.

Helps in proper digestion:

By various clinical trial it is proven that Wild Yam reduces constipation, bloating, maintain bowel movement and avoid stomach ache. It is help correct indigestion problem from root and reduce the toxins. The dietary fiber in Yam help in breakdown of food, production of bile, relieve nausea, ease stomach pain and improve gallbladder health.

Tackle muscle pain & joint weakness:

This traditional herb cure rheumatoid arthritis that cause pain and weakness in bones. However, study says that anti-spasmodic properties of this herb help in recovery of muscle pain, spasms and injury.

All in all WILD YAM is a herb that comprises various properties that safeguard the body from various ailments, diseases, tackle symptoms and provide energy.


Users can avail Wild Yam in form of:

  • Tablet
  • Tea
  • Powder (grid, crush form)
  • Gelatin capsules
  • Tincture
  • Cream

This herb is not easily available, one can find it through online mode or at certified drug stores

Dosage limit:

Although, Wild Yam is a natural herb still, proper prescription is required before the intake and person’s health condition plus age matters. Therefore, it is recommended to consult or take guidance from health expert while adding this herb in your regimen.

Under 18, pregnant women and people with serious health condition should take consultation from doctor.

Known side-effects:

Crossing the suggested dosage limit will leads to:

  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Discomfort
  • Anxiety, headache

To avoid any unexpected harmful outcome, consult doctor and soon visit doctor, if feel uneasy after taking Wild Yam Extract.

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