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Muira Puama Extract: Health Benefits and Side-Effects

What is Muira Puama?

MUIRA PUAMA is a natural herb also called as potency wood (Ptychopetalum olacoides). It is a plant that is found in dense forest of Brazil. It is rich in fatty acids and compounds that has antibacterial, anticancer and anti-inflammatory properties. Various study shows that MUIRA PUAMA is widely used in modern time to cure certain health issues like loss of sexual interest, menstrual pain, brain fog, joint pain, muscle loss and mental disorder.

This potent herb comes in variety of form like capsules, diluted tincture. Even, this herb is available in form of tea bags too. Users have to take dosage according to their need and under doctor prescription. Additionally, buyers are recommended to check the company label before purchasing this product as few of the unauthentic makers add fillers and binders in it.

Deep information about MUIRA PUAMA Benefits:

Work as natural aphrodisiac:

Yes, this herb is very helpful to men who are facing low libido, early ejaculation and poor erections. The erectile dysfunction, impotence, less sexual sensitivity will be cure by taking daily dosage of MUIRA PUAMA extract in capsules form. Blood flow will increase and corpus cavernosa of the penis will get relax that support the penis to erect for longer time with maximum height. Adding on, it help boost testosterone hormones that heat up sex drive. Moreover, this herb is also useful for increasing women sex drive and enhance ability to achieve satisfactory orgasms.

Support healthy stomach:

Many people face ulcer, stomach aches, bloating, constipation and diarrhea due to poor digestion. Digestive system gets affected by bacteria or consumption of spicy foods and it became difficult for intestine to breakdown the food which ultimately affect the stomach function. Hence, people use MUIRA PUAMA to cure watery stool and complication that occur in digestive system.

Reduce joint pain|(rheumatism) and boost immunity power:

MUIRA PUAMA is beneficial in treating immune diseases. It simply detoxifies the unhealthy body cells and regulate production of healthy cells. Healthy immune system will control sudden cough, cold and fever. Thus, this herb minimizes the pain in joints and increase density of joints.

Enhance memory, avoid dementia and uplift cognition level:

It is shown that by promoting growth of neurons MUIRA PUAMA maximize the learning skill and boost memory power. It is a brain tonic that control the breakdown of hippocampus and striatum due to harmful enzymes ultimately treat Alzheimer disease. Additionally, it prevents loss of cognition level and avoid collection of plaque deposits in brain.

Avoid stress, depression, and anxiety:

MUIRA PUAMA has anti-depressant function and adequately increase cortisol level and manage blood sugar level just to reduce stress and depression.

Eradicate tumor cells:

Cancer is a deadly disease but using extracts of MUIRA PUAMA herb will leads to minimum growth of cancer cells and tumor.

Strengthen heart health:

Heart is the life line of all human being. MUIRA PUAMA looks after heart health too, it controls the cardiovascular function to avoid heart attack, failure and disease. Many doctors recommend usage of this herb extracts in form of capsules to avoid cardiac muscle weakness.

Build stamina and Strength for strong muscles:

This is natural herb that has anti-inflammatory properties, increase energy and endurance levels. Adding on, it help cure disease like beri-beri that result in muscle weakness and loss of muscle mass. It help provide essential minerals and vitamins to the body and build lasting stamina.

Support women health by curing PMS:

It help get relief from menstruation pain, cramps and weakness.

Side-effects of MUIRA PUAMA:

MUIRA PUAMA carry limited unwanted effects that too for short time like stomach pain and headache. Some might feel dizziness and fainting due to poor flow of blood to the brain.

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