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Aloe Vera: Uses, Health Benefits, Availability and Side Effects

What is Aloe Vera?

Aloe Vera is medicinal plant that carry abundant number of qualities and has been used since centuries. It is a  plant species of genus Aloe that originates  in Arabian Peninsula. It grows in a tropical climate and is used for medicinal purpose. It has therapeutic properties that claims to provide surplus benefits to the health.

Aloe Vera

Health Benefits From Aloe Vera?

Effective for skin:

Aloe Vera is a perfect herb for treating all skin issues from the root. This herb carry cooling properties that help in reducing sun burn, irritation from the skin. The antioxidants, and enzymes in aloe avoid the appearance of acne, eczema and dark spots.

Using aloe gel on all over the skin regenerate the moisture, soften the upper dermal layer and increase the production of new skin cells. Additionally, it help in boosting collagen and elastin level for the removal of stubborn wrinkles, fines lines and plump the saggy skin.

Tackle arthritis pain:

Research shows that it has potential to heal swollen or aching knee, joints and avoid stiffness in joints. Using aloe Vera extract on regular basis help strengthen the bone and minimizes chronic joint pains. The antioxidants and minerals in it help minimize inflammation in joint bones.

Effective for hair health:

Aloe Vera help regenerate new cells on the scalp with the help of proteolytic enzyme. Using aloe based shampoo and conditioner avoids hair fall, bring shine and volume to the hair. The anti-inflammatory properties helps treat baldness in men’s.

Heal gastrointestinal problems:

Drinking aloe juice on daily basis help remove acid from stomach, cure indigestion and constipation. Plus, it help people who are suffering from stomach ulcer, bloating, poor bowel movement and gut issues. People who have inflammation and trouble in intestine should take aloe Vera to boost their overall digestive health.

Effective for weight loss:

Due to its laxative properties, Aloe Vera help in boosting metabolism, regulate proper digestive system and work as detoxified. Along with that it help in controlling water retention(increase in weight due to excess water). Due to presence of vitamins like B & E it convert body fat into fuel and aids in balanced body weight. Drinking Aloe smoothie, juice control the accumulation of fat.

Support healthy heart function:

various published journals says that taking 10ml to 20ml Aloe juice on daily basis control the fluctuating cholesterol level either high or low. Also, by taking supplement based capsules, tablets, of aloe Vera help stabilizes heart rhythm and avoid the occurrence of chest pain or sudden attacks. It helps in proper flow of blood to arteries, dilate the capillaries, supply oxygen to heart chambers  and reduce the triglycerides.

Control diabetes:

Study shows that Aloe Vera supports the blood sugar level, compound in it reduces the free radicals and oxidative stress that cause hike in blood sugar level and harm the heart, leads to poor eye sight and swelling.


Aloe Vera extracts comes in variety of form according to the need like Aloe juice, Gel, capsules. One can easily purchased the Aloe-Vera supplement from outlets by checking the expiry date.

Any side-effects from Aloe Vera?

Aloe Vera is a all natural herb that guarantees to provide lasting benefits. But taking excess dose affect the health like drinking large amount of aloe juice cause diarrhea, stomach pain, and cramps. Applying excess aloe gel cause skin irritation, redness.

Taking, Aloe Vera supplement along with other medicines without any prescription might cause allergy or reaction.

It can also leads to miscarriage, hike in sugar level and inflammation in heart if consumed in excess quantity.

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